Nyhavn 16z  1051 Kbh k

»Waiting Monologue + Cognitive Failure + 21 things to know about grapefruits«

Triple bill
16. - 18. marts 2021
Man & Tirs Kl. 19:00
Tors kl. 13:00



19:00-19:15 – Waiting Monologue
19:25-19:55 – Cognitive Failure
20:05-20:35 – 21 things to know about grapefruits


Waiting Monologue - a choreographic short film
Hedda Færøy Lausund - performance and choreography
Jarl Anders Hjelle – cinematography
Funded by: Trafo.no


Cognitive Failure - an electroacoustic performance based on human / machine interaction. The perception of such movement aims at challenging the prevalent hierarchies of senses and the cognitive aspect of meaning creation through music performance.
Irene Bianco - percussion and objects
Domenico Villani - live electronics
Valeria Miracapillo - live electronics

Funded by: Koda


21 things to know about grapefruits - a dance piece for 3 dancers and 48 grapefruits
Anna Ting Nissen Bech - dance and choreography
Hedda Færøy Lausund - dance and choreography
Nanna Ringbo - dance and choreography


Billetter: 100 kr. https://billetto.dk/e/triple-bill-cognitive-failure-21-things-to-know-about-grapefruits-waiting-monologue-billetter-502144