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»Tell me whats Wrong«

- tales from a relation under construction
22. - 27. marts 2022
Tirsdag 22.marts kl 20
onsdag 23 marts kl 10 + 12
torsdag 24 marts 10 + 12
fredag 25 kl 11
lørdag 26 kl 17
Fra 13 år og op

You took so loooooong!

You spend hours in the bathroom.
You are rolling your eyes all the time!
Puking in the sink instead of the toilet.
Listening to bad music...


Tell me what Wrong is a Punk-performance about parenthood and how parents stumple over there own feet to figure out how to deal whith there teens. And how do this relation, this mirroring between two generations folds out?

Graense-loes makes Punk-poetic theatre for teens.

It is played in English.

Fra 13 år og op.

Director: Jef Van Gestel
Costumes: Rosa Schuetzendorf
Tecknic and on Stage: Sissel Romme Christensen
Actress: Katrine Karlsen
Actor: Daniel Norbak
Music and on stage: Mads Mouritz Gjellerod
Puppets and stagedesign: Sissel Romme Christensen
Productionleader: Karin Ahnfeldt Rønne
Voice consultan: Hanne Rafnsøe
Graphic design: DasRote Rabbit
Text: Made by the ensemble.
Praktikant: Johan Sterner og Roe Ørslev