Nyhavn 16z  1051 Kbh k


Anna Lea Ourø and Amalia Kasakove
31. januar - 2. februar 2019
Torsdag & Fredag Kl. 19:00
Lørdag Kl. 17:00

SURE is a performance that is invested in the act of world making, that is not trying to pretend everything is okay. SURE intends to make visible what is not here and how that absence can be what makes us weep and how the leakage of these emotions shape the very surfaces of bodies as well as worlds.


The piece addresses and stays with the loss of our time; it may be extinction, rising sea-levels, heartache, death and loneliness, and it makes notice of how that loss can shape current choreography. We open up a space of dwelling, that can be a place of rest from more gain and letting you sit with the feeling of loss, even if the shape of the loss is ambiguous.


Through being next to these realities, that have leaked into the ones we are absent from, we find a space of ambiguity, a kind of indifferent expressiveness. Rather than expressing sadness or emptiness, the dance offers a place for imagination through a meditative state. We lay out a dramaturgy that gives a sense of “nothingness” through the repetition of dances and keeping a distance to the expression of emotions; we stay passive in the active, we form an indifferent intimacy. We insinuate this nothingness is non-ending and let the audience zone out into spheres that slip into other universes unnoticeably.
“Perhaps we should let the emptiness speak for itself” - Karen Barad


Dance and Choreography by Anna Lea Ourø and Amalia Kasakove Music by Skyler Fall


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