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Klica productions presents

»Soup City«

The last case og Charlie Broccoli
14. - 19. juli 2015
hver dag kl. 11, kl. 16 og kl. 18


In Poland there are tales of a town unlike any other. A town of crime and grime where the good guys are hooked on the sweet stuff and the bad wouldn’t think twice before introducing you to Mr Grater. It’s up to Charlie Broccoli, the hopeless and hapless P.I., to save Soup City.


One of the hottest Polish detective adventure for those aged 6+ with a nose for sniffing out crime and unafraid to get their hands dirty,


Soup City: The Last Case of Charlie Broccoli is an international collaboration of Polish artists and creatives with the goal to introduce thrilling and unashamed children’s theatre to the rest of the Europe through acting, puppetry and a live jazz ensemble.

The performance runs for around 50 minutes.



Patryk Ołdziejewski as Charlie Broccoli and others
Rafał Iwański as Marcellus Cucumber ond others
Julia Sacharczuk as Susie Turnip and others


Drums - Albert Karch
Double Bass - Tomo Jacobson
Guitar - Jon Arne Rånes / Jakub Paulski


BILLET: 65 dkk adult, 50 dkk child


PRESSCONTACT: pawel@klicaproductions.com


Supported by: Polish Embassy in Copenhagen