Nyhavn 16z  1051 Kbh k

»Le Grand Finale«

Af Marcello Bocchar Theater Group
1. - 4. juli 2016

The play is the tell-all “socio-historio-literary-pornographic testimony” of 4 sexually liberated women, that meet at the funeral of a man with whom they all had a special connection.

Over the course of their oral (and anal, and vaginal) narrative, they reminisce on their many sexual encounters, a list of lifelong sexual exploits, while also ridiculing the hypocrisy of American euphemisms, French intellectual eggheadedness, and the ways the Catholic Church has gotten Christianity wrong.

They are irreverent, self-assured to the point of self-obsession, unreliable, seductive, witty as a whip and probably good with one too.

The event is in english.