Nyhavn 16z  1051 Kbh k


17. - 21. oktober 2017
kl. 19:00

What would you do if you could be reborn in any body at any place? What would you do if you could choose your gender? Your lifespan? From one minute to eternity? If you could choose your surroundings? Sea? Desert? Palm-trees? If you could pick the people around you? If you could build a community from scratch? What would you do with the given hardships in your society?


If you could move around four different stages of human existence – would you? If you could join us in a crossover between science, installation, performance lecture – would you? If you could save someone – would you? Whom? Yourself? Or somebody else?


IF is a cross-over genre: a participative performance using 4 interactive installations that invite the audience into different levels of action and interaction, by choosing life-circumstances: gender, lifespan, friends, relations, society and future. A performer leads the whole game of existence, orientating the audience among the rules of the games, reacts and responds to their actions, and, at well-defined moments, acts out roles related to the 4 stages-installations-games. Participants can choose at each stage the level of their activity from watching to acting.


LINK TIL TEASER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoBuxeNNfuk&feature=youtu.be


Language: English
Duration: 90 min


Minni Katina Mertens (NO/DK): performer
Ivan Wahren (SE): light designer
Anne Mai Slot Vilmann (DK): producer
Mira Nadina Mertens (NO/DK): dramaturge
Stine Ebbesen (DK): PR and documentation
Trine Heller (DK): graphic design and animation
Rita Sebestyen (RO/HU/DK): director




Tickets: 85 kr. - Students 50 kr.


BILLETTER: https://billetto.dk/no?is_v=1&page=0&text=othernessproject+