Nyhavn 16z  1051 Kbh k

»IF: Mythologies«

17. - 19. juli 2018
Kl. 19:00

Restart the world.
You will enter a space with possibilities, options, objects, secrets and go back to the origins.
You will now rewrite the stories and rewire the forces which move the world.
You will also have a guidance, helper, meddler to make your life easier. Or more challenging. Or impossible.

In the IF-series, this time we will create our own mythologies each time we meet.
We can let in 24 people at the time, so please, register in time, and be ready to create new foundational stories for the world.


Ticket: 100 DKK / For students and unemployed: 75 DKK.

Billetter: https://billetto.dk/newfrontpage?text=IF:%20Mythologies&page=0&is_v=1


Rita Sebestyen (RO/HU/DK) – writer and director

Sara Vilardo (IT/BE/DK) – performer
Ivan Wahren (SE) – light- and sound designer
Mira Nadina Mertens (NO/DK) – dramaturge
Stine Ebbesen (DK) – assistant
Special thanks to: Minni Nadina Mertens (NO/DK), performer

Duration: 70 mins
Language of the performance: English