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»Genealogy of a wish«

Lucía Jaén-Serrano
Spilledatoer: To be announced

A dance solo performance that makes present the voice of many though the languages of dance and words within this body, its actions and decisions, its ways of identifying its own readings. The artist invites the audience to a talk-activity after the performance.

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Revisiting this body is to expand what is already known. This body is moved by the desire to deepen the affective relationships between dance and words. This body is the place to question the conceptions of women, space and forms, to build a plural movement, a shared gaze and an experience of many. In the discourse of this dance, the political is the intimate: slow, material and green.

Dance and choreography: Lucía Jaén-Serrano / Artistic Direction Assistant: Alicia Botía / Audiovisual Artist: Paula Peña / Dance Accompaniment: Rocío Pérez / Choreographic Accompaniment: Quim Bigas / Special participation: Bea Fernández and Paula Pachón / Animation: Symmetry in Chaos. Contributors: Festival Migrats (Teatro de los Inestable S.L.), Festival Dansa Valencia, Graners de Creació (Valencia)