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Lucía Jaén-Serrano
5. april 2022
Udskudt til april



DESIRE (S) would like to welcome you as spectator of a performance followed by an exchange of words.


what is the performance? a dance that explores with words and movement, with sound and space, with skin and flesh; a body that reflects on the action and verbalizes what is moving it in the now, loaded with yesterday and tomorrow; in these searches there are indecisions that open a question: how do the desires move us, or rather, the desire to desire?; silence and waiting will lead to possible drifts.

what is the exchange of words? an expanded talk that proposes to exchange our desires, an intimate but open space to gather everybody's desires.

If a desire is a projection of what one wants to achieve because it will cause pleasure once achieved, what happens when I lose the ability to desire? This inability to connect my body with its desires - what we feel and what moves us - still has a possibility: the pleasure. If I activate the pleasure areas of the body, will I be able to stimulate my desires? How to project a possible future if I cannot desire it? I begin to activate the pleasure of the skin to achieve the desire through the flesh.

Dance and Choreography: Lucía Jaén Serrano Sound design: Rafael Cañete Fernández
Light design: (in conversation)
Animation: Symmetry in Chaos
Thanks to gazes and words of Quim Bigas, Sophia Mage and Malin Auster.
Support: Festival Migrats (Teatro de los Inestable SL), Festival Dansa Valencia, Espacio Inestable and Graners de Creació (Valencia), La Mutant (Valencia)

Billetter: https://billetto.dk/e/desire-s-billetter-502980

(book invitation; tickets sale at the entrance: 80kr)