Nyhavn 16z  1051 Kbh k

»Academy of Mess«

The Copenhagen Tribe
18. - 21. august 2016
torsdag den 18. August kl 20
fredag den 19. August kl 20
lørdag den 20. August kl 17
søndag den 21. August kl 15


En gruppe erfarne scene-, sang- og billedkunstnere får ny luft på Ubåden.

Undersøger / eksperimenterer uforfærdet med tekst, krop, lyd – alene/ i plenum

Publikum kan forvente lidt af hvert…

Birgitte Prins, Thomas Danielsen, Heidi Katzenelson, Anne Ryom, Charlotte Munksgaard, Tea Bendix, Merete Byrial, Birgitte Skands, Katharina Kamber, Pernille Lyneborg

This Academy is for the highly messy students who have a deep knowledge of failing and crying – of being in absolut agony major part of his or her life. It is strictly forbidden to be a harmonious overskudsagtig popular kind of person.
If you are highly disorganized, akward, too much of some kind or just in a bad mood most of the time, for no apparent reason, this academy will support you fuldstændig.
We have a daily practise of falling into holes. There are no limits as to what defines art. We ARE art!


The only adgangskrav to this Academy is that you are fully dedicated to honour the full scale of yourself. Also when you feel like a skvat.